Vaporesso Zero Kit


קיט אידוי העובד בטכנולוגיית המחסניות, עשוי מחומרים איכותיים ומגיע במגוון צבעים, גוף המכשיר עשוי אלומיניום  ומיכל האידוי מגיע בטכנולוגיה חדשה למילוי הנוזל ע"י שסתום חד כיווני וסליל CCELL המחזיק זמן רב לפני החלפתו, קיט זה מגיע עם סוללה מובנית 650MAH ומחסנית הניתנת למילוי חוזר של בין 6-8 פעמים בשימוש נכוןהקיט מגיע עם חיישן תנועה המזהה שאיפה, בנוסף ניתן למצוא לחצן לשינוי טמפ' האידוי (3 טמפ' שונות)


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Zero is the new pacemaker for all refillable POD Systems. It comes with a new innovative filling system- Press to Fill (PTFTM) which allows easy filling and improved leak prevention. Unique CCELL coil is optimized for high nicotine satisfaction. The Omni Board Mini integrates auto temperature control and multiple protections, The massive 650mAh battery is built in and comes with a quick charging system. All of these are the perfect mix to give you an easy vaping life.

Zero Pod Features:

  • PCTG construction
  • 2ml refillable tank capacity
  • Resistance: 1ohm
  • A new innovative filling system- Press to Fill (PTFTM) which allows easy filling and improved leak prevention.
  • CCELL built-in, taste the flavors: Optimized to be more flavorful and gives a higher nicotine satisfaction.
  • Medical grade+, good for the environment!: The material of the POD is mainly made from PCTG developed by Eastman.It meets FDA regulations and is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 51 for Food Equipment Materials. It’s BPA free, doesn’t effect the flavor, has better heat resistance and is recyclable.
  • A helpiong hand: For your convenience we have included a handy e-juice bottle for you to use to fill the Zero with your favorite liquid

Zero Mod Features:

  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Charging current: 1A
  • Adjustable power range: 9-12.5W
  • Auto temperature control: Auto detect the E-juice and control the temperature in a smart way for the best flavorful delivery and avoid dry hit.
  • Omni board mini chip: The most advanced regulated chip to ensure excellent performance and product safty.
  • Multiple extra protections:
    • Burn protection
    • Overtime protection
    • Overcharge protection
    • No load protection
    • Low resistance protection
    • ESD circuit protection
    • Short-circuit protection
    • Low power protection
    • Pass-through protection
  • Quick charging: Only 45 minutes to fully change the 650mAh battery on your Zero.
  • Three modes to choose from:
    • Green=High (12.5W)
    • Blue=Medium (10.5W)
    • Red=Low (9W)
    • Micro-USB charging port
  • Battery strength indicator
  • Built-in 650mAh battery capacity

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